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Zapallo Italiano (Chilean Zucchini Boats) 

Zucchini, cheese, ground beef, bread crumbs, onion, green onion, oil, parsley, spices (depending on how spicy you want to make it), lemon, two eggs

1) boil zucchini until soft with a lemon

2) Cut lengthwise down the middle into two halves. With a spoon scrape out the seeds into a colindar and dump out the remaning water.

3) In a pan saute: ground beef, oil, chopped onion, bread crumbs, eggs, parsley and spices

4) Fill Zucchini boats with your sauteed beef mixture. Cover mixture with cheese and bake until cheese is browned

5) sprinkle green onion slices on top after baking



Arroz con Leche

We made this in Pucon and it’s so simple and delicious.

Cinnamon sticks, milk, rice, vanilla extract

1) Make rice

2) Add cinnamon sticks to milk and bring to a boil

3) Mix in teaspoon of vanilla (or almond) extract

4) Allow mixture to cool before adding to rice – Milk should cover rice; much like making a bowl of cereal

5) You can sprinkle some ground cinnamon on top too


Tortilla Chilena 

My house mom taught me how to make this tonight. It’s kind of like the Chilean version of Chicken Pot Pie/Omelet

Veg of Choice, 4 eggs, 2 Garlic Cloves, Salt, Olive Oil, Oregano

1. Chop and boil your veg of choice. We used shredded green beans, but mushrooms, tomatoes, zucchini or all of these things combined works well.

2. In a pan sauté two minced garlic cloves with some olive oil

3. Put egg whites of four eggs in a mixing bowl and the egg yokes in another bowl

4. Beat egg whites on low for about three minutes, then on high until they are light and frothy.

5. Add egg yoke to mixture and beat again.

6. Fold into mixture your veg and a table spoon of oregano

7. On medium low heat, add your mixture to the pan. It should fill the pan kind of like an omelet. You want this mixture to cook enough so that you can flip it over. Scrape the edges of the pan with a spatula.

8. When it is cooked enough (so that it is solid enough to flip) cover the pan with a large plate, and (using oven mits) flip the whole plate and pan over so that the mixture falls out onto the plate.

9. Put the pan back on the flame and add more olive oil.

10. Put the tortilla back in the pan and brown the other side.

11. When it is done let it cool a bit, then divide like a pizza.



This is a fried pumpkin food to be served as Tapas along with Pisco or (as shown below ) Terremotos.

1/2 Pumpkin, Flour, Oil, Salt

1) Chop Pumpkin into small pieces and boil until soft (like mash potatoes)

2) Mash them and add salt for flavor (depending on how salty you like your tapas)

3) Place on table and add flour until the mash resembles dough; kneed with hands until pumpkin mash no longer sticks to you

4) Make pancake sized round masses of dough. Poke holes in cakes with fork

5) Fill a pan with oil and heat until it spits (should be enough oil to cover the cakes)

6) Deposit cakes into oil and fry until golden brown

7) Serve with dressing of choice – we ate ours with kasup and mayo



Drink named after its ability to make the world seem like it is shaking

Sweet White wine, Grenadine, Pineapple Ice Cream

1) Make a Pyramid of Pineapple Ice Cream in the bottom of a glass

2) Drizzle Grenadine over ice cream

3) Fill glass with sweet wine


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