Chilean Pop Culture



Heading South Looking North by Ariel Dorfman

This is the story of a man with many different nationalities. It follows him as he lives in Argentina, Chile, and the US and gives some really amazing vantage points on the dictatorship and the double identity that come with life in exile.

The Araucana by Alonso De Ercilla Y Zuñiga

One of the foundational texts in Chilean literature, this epic poem akin to the Odyssey was written in the time of the conquest. Ercilla accompanied Pedro de Valdivia as he fought against the Mapuche Indians. The interesting thing about this poem is that Ercilla sympathizes with the Indians because Valdivia treated them badly. The work has been used as a rallying point for modern day indigenous identity.



Ana Tijoux

She’s a Chilean French rapper who sings about social injustice in Spanish that flows.

Calle 13

This Chilean hiphop band is interesting. They are super famous all over Santiago, though their music is a little rough to listen to. I am in love with their song Latinoamerica, and don’t mind putting the rest of their stuff on in the background.


Super fun Chilean band. I saw them at Lolapalloza.



Que Pena Series

This is a trilogy of films set in Santiago. They follow typical rom-com style and the main character is a bit annoying. But it shows a rather gorgeous side of Santiago and is a great prep for the sound of Chilean Spanish.

Death and the Maiden

This is a movie based on a play by Ariel Dorfman. It shows a woman capture and put to trial a man she believes was responsible for her torture under the dictatorship.


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