Paradise Really Does Exist

Iguazú Falls was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. All of our photos seriously look like we were photo-shopped into them, but trust me I don’t know enough about computers to do that, the pictures are real. There’s few words I could use to describe them, so here’s a bunch of pictures instead.


Park Entrance and the two signs for the trail entrances




Panorama from the bottom of the falls








The upper View



Butterfly landed on me

CIMG3360 CIMG3359 CIMG3271

These strange Lemmer like things that were everywhere in the park. Apparently they are highly dangerous. They followed us at one point – above Maureen is running away.

CIMG3355 CIMG3352

We took a boat ride out under the falls and got soaking wet.

CIMG3343 CIMG3342 CIMG3334 CIMG3325 CIMG3318 CIMG3293 CIMG3282 CIMG3260 CIMG3255 CIMG3240 CIMG3238 CIMG3236 CIMG3228 CIMG3219 CIMG3210 CIMG3203 CIMG3188 CIMG3180


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