Around Puerto Iguazu

We got off our 20 hour bus ride from Buenos Aires surprisingly not looking and feeling like the walking dead. It was a rather pleasant ride, though it did come with its little quirks. While eating dinner, they had the second Sherlock Holmes movie playing on the bus screen. About 20 minutes into the movie, the screen froze and the Rocky theme song piped in through the loud speakers accompanied by female booty-short boxing on the screen – seriously. After laughing (a lot) Maureen and I resolved to listen to music for the duration of the ride.

CIMG3061 CIMG3062

In Puerto Iguazú, we wandered around taking the sights. It’s a tiny little town with red brick mud everywhere that gives the town a “tropical” red tone. We went to a Hummingbird garden around the corner of the hostel just before sunset (apparently Hummingbird dinner time). The Garden set up a bunch of sugar water feeders to attract wild Hummingbirds. There were tons of them – more then I’ve ever seen concentrated in a single area. The owner allowed us to hold a feeder so that the hummingbirds would sit on our hands and drink. I could feel the wind made by its rapid wings – such a unique feeling.

CIMG3077 CIMG3105 CIMG3102 CIMG3097 CIMG3096

After we walked along the River Uruguay at Sunset. We made it to the Obelisk at the Three Corners were Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina meet. Now I can say I’ve stood in three South American Countries at once.

CIMG3108 CIMG3125 CIMG3122


The town center was small but had some great food and drinks. It was a cool place 



And our hostel was a tropical paradise 




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