Forwards Onwards Upwards

In Berkeley, I live with some of the greatest people on this Earth. I’ve always got a study buddy or someone to go out with. If I feel like making dinner, going out to dinner, or eating an entire extra large popcorn, there’s someone there to help me. If I need an ear to listen to me ramble, or someone to just make me laugh so hard I cry, I can find them no further then my living room. Five of my best friends make up the best support system a person could have, and I’m so grateful to have found them.

The last month here has been challenging. School took off, as did my internship, and I’ve come to learn a lot about what I want and who I am. During this process, I found that I really missed my friends and my living situation in Berkeley. I really love being around people. I love eating dinner, studying, and doing laundry in groups. I love hearing about people’s days and chatting over tea. I love living with lots of people, just like my extended family in Berkeley. More then that, I’ve come to understand that I’m the kind of person who wants (or needs) to be around other people.

So I’ve decided to move. It was a hard decision to make since Cecilia has been so wonderful, but at this time, I think that it’s the right thing to do. I’m moving into a boarding house called Hostal Brownsur. It’s a five-minute walk from my campus in a really nice neighborhood that’s full of runners and dogs and babies in strollers. Three friends from my program live there, and a bunch of Chilean girls (it’s a female boarding house). They eat dinner together, there’s a study room where they read in groups, and according to my friends, it’s a really nice place to live.

I’m nervous about trying something new in a place so different. But life is all about actively pursuing your happiness right? So I will. Keep on moving onwards.

CIMG2543CIMG2544CIMG2545CIMG2546CIMG2541CIMG2537CIMG2542CIMG2548 CIMG2547


The Entrance; The Kitchen; The Sitting Room; My Hallway on the Second Floor; My bedroom; My New View; The Bathroom

My room is the first bedroom on the second floor. I share the bathroom and hall with two other girls (from my program). It’s a really quiet neighborhood. The Landlord owns two Italian restaurants so for dinner and breakfast (which are included in rent) we generally get Italian delicacies 🙂


This is my new address:

Brown Sur 655 Nunoa, Santiago


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