Two Days…

After a long and awesome first day of mostly rock/electronica music, day two was much more mellow. We spent a lot of time sitting in the grass and swaying. There were less bands but each played a longer set. We had a great time day two as well.


Toro Y Moi

First show of the day – I’ve found all the hipsters in Santiago


We layed out on the lawn in the sun again for this one. Music for the heart and soul – can make any day pleasant. They even ended with my favorite song Crystal Ball.


This is their most famous song, but they didn’t play it. They played harder rock music, which was strange.

Franz Ferdinand

Franz put on the best show of the day. At one point all the members of the band jammed on the drum kit. They were the only band to announce the members names and to do an encore.



My favorite part by far of the entire weekend. NAS played almost exclusively from Illmatic – incredible.



Psycho DJ in a blinking dead Mickey head plays for jirating youth against videogame light show.

The Black Keys

Rocked, as they always do.

CIMG2178 CIMG2171 CIMG2166 CIMG2165 CIMG2150 CIMG2129


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