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Lollapalooza 2013! 

In 2010, Lollapalooza, a Chicago based music festival expanded to Sao Palo and Santiago  This year I got to go. The line up was crazy, and I literally got to see every band that I wanted to over the two days and 4 stages. The whole city kind of shuts down for the concert. They even keep the metro open two hours longer.  It was strange because most of the people at the concert were either foreign or rich (ie. had enough money to afford English schools) – so everything, signs and all, was in English.

But, though English was was everywhere, the whole concert vibe was different from anything I’ve ever experienced in the states. People were dancing… a lot. There were free water tents, really clean porta-potties, a day care center for kids, and (perhaps most noticeable and hard to explain) people were just generally friendlier. Such an amazing two days.

Bands I saw: 


The one and only Chilean Band we saw a Lolla – what does that say?

Hot Chip

Strange British 70’s pop sounds. We got up close to the Claro stage and were packed in like Sardines. If the sweaty guy in the red shirt standing next to you started jumping, you were jumping too…

Of Monsters and Men

We sat out on the lawn and listened to them. Such a beautiful band, such a beautiful day.

Alabama Shakes

Religious experience.

Two Door Cinema Club

Fun boncy band – we danced like crazy

(their song Sun is also amazing)  

(Kaiser Cheifs)

Heard while standing in line for the bathroom…

Passion Pit

This band is amazing. After cutting their hugely successful first album, the lead singer tried to kill himself multiple times, claiming that he wanted to die while his music was perfect. But, because his attempts continued to fail, he instead took all the money they had earned on their first album, bought a bunch of recording equipment, and cut another cd. The new cd has more tracks and layers then anything I’ve ever heard. Truly awesome.

Zed’s Dead

We saw the end of this band before Major Lazer. Basic Dubstep, but super fun.

Major Lazer

This was quite the show. ML is a group of 3 DJs with a psycho light show. They pump up the crowd and do gimics – for example at one point the blonde dude got in a hamster ball and crowd surfed. It was wild. We jumped up and down so much that the next day I couldn’t feel my toes.


That’s the Hamsterball

Pearl Jam

They played for two and a half hours. Eddie Better brought out a piece of paper with Spanish words on it and with the most grungy-Montana American accent, he read the whole thing thoughout the performance. Major Chilean brownie points. They went crazy anytime he said anything. He even changed the words of one song and sang in Spanish – with the help of his paper of course.

Actual footage of Lolla:

CIMG2093 CIMG2099 CIMG2103 CIMG2088CIMG2095CIMG2116


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