The New Normal

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks down here in Chile. School and my internship started, and they came with lots of working hours, homework, and exhaustion. My schedule has become fully Chilean. I go to bed around 1am wake up around 7 during the week, then sleep until 2pm on the weekends. Not the healthiest sleep cycle, but when in Chile

I’m taking three classes here. The first is a comparative history class where we examine the relationship between US and Latin American politics throughout history. Last semester I took a class with the exact same title in the States. It was taught by a self-proclaimed Communist who had very strong negative opinions about US foreign relations. For the most part I agreed with him, but I still wanted to hear the other side of the story – hence this class’s place in my schedule. The opinion here (or at least the opinion of this one professor in this one class) is less negative towards the US. He blames the problems of Latin American politics on Latin Americans. He talks about the US as Latin America’s “banker for bad decisions.” And says that while the US is a contradictory place that touts “Democracy” while leading a world wide imperial empire, or “Equality” while oppressing minorities and women for years, it is simply ideological to believe that a government could be perfect.  To be contradictory is to be human. And North Americans and their leaders aren’t Gods.

The second class is called Meditations on Transgender Writings in the Colonial Era. We basically talk about women who dressed up like men to participate in the Conquest of the New World. I didn’t know that that was a common thing, but apparently there’s a lot of text to back it up.

My second class is taught by the same professors as my third class – Colonial Literature. The professors are two women who not only speak very clearly (a plus with Chilean Spanish), but constantly bring up feminist issues in class for the other students to debate them. They keep class entertaining.

I’m working with kids for my internship but I’ll talk about that later, when I can throw in some pictures.

Highlights of the Week:

GOOOOOOOOAOAAAAAAAALLLLLLL! Chile plays Uruguay, and from my open Window I can hear literally the whole city cheer when they make a goal. Chile won.

I made a Chilean friend at school who took me salsa dancing till the bars closed…at 5:30 in the morning. – Don’t worry we took a cab home.

I discover that putting yogurt directly into a bowl of dry oatmeal is the greatest breakfast ever. No water, just yogurt. Try it.

We got a new router so now I CAN SKYPE! I got to see Nika’s beautiful face all the way in France. I was so excited to see her I cried happy tears.

Student protests happened again. In solidarity, no one showed up to school. I did not get the memo and went to class. Though I was the only student in all my classes, my professors still lectured.

I finally visit the National Library. It’s beautiful.

I read this awesome Einstein quote and liked it: “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

And I cut myself some bangs, because…well, why not?

Due to lack of pictures for this week: here’s a dog, some pigeons and a majestic Chilean Flag. Enjoy 🙂

CIMG2063 CIMG1487 CIMG1411


4 thoughts on “The New Normal

  1. That’s pretty awesome that they lectured even if only one person showed up. The same thing happened here in France to my friend, but the teacher was like, “No one is here, you can go.” And there was no lecture. Your bangs look great, thought I should mention that again 😀

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