Oh, Cecilia

A short post on something beautiful: We could all learn something from my house mom Cecilia. Never have I met someone so willing to turn the other cheek, so unbothered when her day does not go well.

When she came home today, I was watching a Spanish movie on my laptop with my headphones in. It was hot outside, and with the noise from the street coming through my open window, it had been hard to hear the riveting dramatic dialogue of my Gael Garcia Bernal flick. However, with my ears plugged and my door closed, I had missed the sound of knocking, the ringing telephone, AND the doorbell. Cecilia had forgotten her keys at her daughter’s house and had tried repeatedly to get someone to open the door. Unfortunately, I was the only one home.

She trekked back across town to her daughter’s house. Had a cup of tea and came back, keys in hand.

Though I was mortified and pleading sorry a thousand times, Cecilia could only smile and kiss me on the cheek. “No te precupas mi linda hijita!” She would not accept an apology for something that was out of my control. I didn’t hear it because I had headphones in, and that was all. She was not angry that she had had to go all the way back to her daughter’s she was not angry that her day had been thrown wildly off track by the whole incidence. She was not angry that I could have fixed the problem simply by hearing the phone.

“It’s just life,” she said, “And I got home at the exact time that I was meant to.”

I repeat again that we can all learn something from Cecilia. I repeat that I can really learn something from Cecilia. I spent a lot of the last week (spent most of my time in high school and college) getting bent out of shape when things did not go as planned. Getting angry at circumstances beyond my control, like classes not existing or keys not being on the desk behind the locked door.

But I just need to remember, it’s just life, and I’ll end up exactly when and where I’m meant to.


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