Calle 13

My new Favorite Song:

Calle 13 – Latinoamerica

Translation of the lyrics: 

I am
I am everything that they left
I’m the leftovers of what they stole
The people hidden in the top of the mountain
my skin is made of leather and so it endures any weather,
I’m a smoke factory
the peasant labour for your consumption
Cold storm in the middle of summer
the Love in the Times of Cholera, my brother
The sun that rises and the day that dies
with the best dusks
I’m the development in red raw skin
a political speech with no saliva
the prettiest faces I’ve ever met
the photograph of a disappeared
I’m the blood inside your veins
I’m a piece of land that’s worth the pain
I’m a basket with beans inside
I’m Maradona scoring twice against England
I’m what holds up my flag
My mountain range is the backbone of the planet
I’m what my father taught
The one who doesn’t love his motherland doesn’t love his mother
I’m Latin America
People with no legs that are still walking

You can’t buy the wind
you can’d buy the sun
you can’t buy de rain
you can’t buy the heat
you can’t buy the clouds
you can’t buy the colors
you can’t buy my happiness
you can’t buy my suffering

I’ve got the lakes, I’ve got the rivers
I’ve got my teeth to smile
The snow that makes up my mountains
I’ve got the sun that dries me and the rain that baths me
A desert inebriated with the hairs of a Pulque drink
To sing with the coyotes, all that I need
I’ve got my lungs breathing clear blue
The height that suffocates me
I’m the molar of my mouth chewing coca
The autumn with its losing heart leaves
The verses written beneath a star-shaped night
A vineyard full of grapes
A reed bed beneath the sun in Cuba
I’m the caribbean sea that watches the little houses
making rituals of holy water
The wind that brushes my hair
I’m every saint that’s hanging on my neck
my fight’s sweat is not artificial
because the manure of my land is natural


(portuguese chorus, same as in spanish)

You can’t buy the sun
you can’t buy the rain
(Let’s go, drawing the way. Let’s go, walking)
You can’t buy my life

My work is uncut but it’s made with pride
Here we share, what’s mine it’s yours
These people don’t drown in big waves
And if they go to pieces I put them back together
I don’t blink when I stare at you either
so that you remember my surname
The Condor Operation invading my nest
I forgive but I never forget!

(Let’s go, walking)
Here you breath struggle
(Let’s go, walking)
I sing because it’s heard

Here we are, standing
Long live Latin America!


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