The Best Kind of US Invasion

For the last 9 days my fantastically wonderful family – Gram, Gramp, Mom and Dad – visited me in Chile (unfortunately my lovely sister Megan could not join them because she has responsibilities or something silly like that so we missed her tons). It was an amazing week – we did so much we had a hard time remembering what it was that we had done. To help, I put together this list for my much appreciated traveling companions.

I love you guys, thanks again for coming to visit me. What a great way to end my “summer vacation” 😀

Day 1:


Lunch – Café by the Ice Cream Place – Bellas Artes


Churches: San Francisco, San Antonio, Cathedral

Plaza De Armas

Dinner – Fish market

Day 2:

Scaling of Santa Lucia

Bellas Artes Museum

Lunch – La Rosa Emporio (the ice cream place where we escaped the sun)


Dinner – Rivoli (the Italian place with the Squid Ink Bread)

Day 3:


Dive to Casablanca

Tour Of Green Friendly Winery

Lunch – Casas Del Bosque Winery overlooking the valley

Trip to Valparaiso


Easter Island Statue in Viña Del Mar

Ice Cream along the Boardwalk

Anniversary Party in the Hotel Room

Dinner – Noli (the Chilean place with the instruments on the wall

Day 4:

Just a short walk up to the Jesus or Mary on the hill (Cerro San Cristobal)

Lunch – Viva La Vida (the Chilean place with corn pie)

Walk through Parque Forestral

My favorite red church and a little history about the saints


Harrowing taxi ride to dinner

Dinner – Cuerovaca

The bus ride…

Day 5:

La Moneda / La Alhambra (Without translator)

National History Museum (first attempt)

Lunch – Pizza Place with the lovely Brazilian waitress

Shopping in Artesenal Santa Lucia


Dinner – Aqui esta Coco (green fish restaurant)

Day 6:

The Penguin Beach

Lunch – Fish by the Sea

Trip through the City of Los Andes

Drive up the canyon with all those semi trucks

Dinner – the French restaurant “In this town?!”

Seeing the Milky Way from the campo

Day 7:

A bit of shopping

A bit of protest

A lunch at the hotel to avoid the protest

A trip to the national history museum

An attempt to see Concho Y Torro Winery

The best sushi fusion meal on earth

Day 8:

Villa Grimaldi

Trip to Campus Juan Gomez Mila (my campus)

The March to Ice Cream

Dinner – With my wonderful Family

Day 9:

Finally the Neruda House!

Lunch – Como Agua Para Chocolate (Mexican food with the amazing cake)

Pictures and Tearful Goodbyes : ..(

But we had such a good time 😀

And just for Gramp: here’s a pigeon…he’s just around the corner


And some pictures of us eating 😛


Como Agua Para Chocolate; Rivoli; La Rosa Emporio; Pizza Place; W Sushi


One thought on “The Best Kind of US Invasion

  1. Great chronology Cait! I owe some restaurant and other site names:

    Day 3
    Green Friendly winery: Emiliana

    Day 4
    Favorite Red Church: Basilica de la Merced

    Day 6
    Fish by the sea: Resturant Los Coirones
    French food: La Table de France

    Day 7
    Best Sushi Fusion: Osaka at the W Hotel

    Thanks for being such a great host Elena!!

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