Lunch in the Most Beautiful Place in the World

For their 51st wedding anniversary, Dad planned a day at the wineries and the beach for my lovely grandparents. We started out the day in Casablanca (the greatest love story ever told – quite appropriate I think) Valley at a Winery called Emilliano. It’s a sustainable energy run winery where they don’t use pesticides of any kind. Instead the grounds were full of chickens and guinea hens who dealt with the pest problem, llamas who ate the weeds after harvest in preparation for the next season, and flowers that attracted the natural predators of the pests the chickens would not eat. We learned all about how they farm and how they employ locals to help with harvest. Then we got to try four of their wines and their homemade chocolate as well.


Megan should be here


Working Llama

There was a girl there who had studied abroad in Chile from Colombia University the semester before. A few weeks before our tour, she had come to the winery with her sister and applied for the open job they had. She had finished with school and ended up working on a beautiful winery in Casablanca Valley. I couldn’t help thinking that that is the life.

After Emilliano, we went to Casas del Bosque, a huge winery that produces for countries all over the world. Here we did not take a tour. Instead we rented a picnic basket and drove to the highest lookout point in the valley. From there, we could see all the rolling hills of the winery and feel the breeze they were swaying in.


It was the perfect way to celebrate the best couple I know.


Anniversary party in the Hotel Room



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