A Good Sum

I can’t write about everything we did, but I went through all the pictures and picked out some that I loved. It was so much fun having the family here. It’s strange, I knew a bit of Santiago before and I had a metro card to go anywhere to explore. But when they were here, it made the city feel so much more welcoming, so much more like home. We explored, so now when I need to go somewhere I can think that’s close to where we got dinner or that’s right around the corner from that church we visited. I love that I got to know where I live with them, now I can feel right at home.


Climbing Cerro Santa Lucia


The Fountain at Cerro Santa Lucia


Dad found the Starbucks


Easter Island Guy in Vina Del Mar


Gramp visits the Andes



Dad and his new friends


Neruda’s house


Reading Neruda’s Poetry so they’d know who that guy was


Dinner with my lovely hosts

IMG_1197 IMG_1196

Visiting my campus


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