Santa Lucia

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This is Santa Lucia, a large rock covered in grass in the middle of the city. Originally a battlement constructed to protect Santiago when the city was first founded, Santa Lucia is now a large park where citizens can be found lounging, reading, sleeping, and playing various instruments.

Aging yellow walls separate the street from the original battlements inside. It’s a beautiful place, if not slightly odd. They’ve fixed up the bottom half with grand fountains and tile floors, but as you climb the crumbling stone “staircases” to the top look out point, the walls and buildings begin to look more like ruins. Plants cover the original stairs and stone so much so that several passes are closed off.

From the top you can see all of Santiago, another sublimely strange feeling of odd juxtaposition. On one hand you are standing on one of the oldest structures in Santiago surrounded by old clay walls and runaway foliage. On the other, you’re looking at a sprawling modern city with busses and smog and picture glass windows.

My favorite spot of the park: a bench behind an overgrown walkway that was surrounded by trees. There were no people, no honking and no car alarms, but I could still hear the city humming below me. It was the perfect place to sit and read a book. My first excursion alone into the city on a Sunday afternoon.

CIMG1336 CIMG1355 CIMG1360


The fountains; The View; My Bench


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