Concho y Toro

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Concho y Toro is the largest and most famous vineyard in Chile. On a field trip after class today, a tour guide named Barbara (lovely perhaps because her Spanish was so easy to understand) showed us around the grounds.

With sprawling grounds, an impressive Casa Grande, and a man made pond stocked with fish, I was reminded of Mr. Darcy’s mansion in Pride and Prejudice. We were informed that Concho y Toro is known around the world for having some of the greatest wine on the market (Barbara made sure to inform us that the wine there far surpasses anything out of France and Italy). There were literally thousands of different kinds of grapes in the fields of which we saw a small corner. They won’t be ready for another month or so, but we were able to pick grapes straight off the vine to try them.

Grape vine fun fact of the day: Concho y Toro is home to the Carménère genus of grape. A BORDEAUX wine grape that was thought to be extinct for about 200 years. It was rediscovered in Chile, which is now the only country in the world that produces wine from this rare grape.

The fields led to a massive wine cellar with multiple rooms and what must have been thousands of barrels of wine. The Cellar of Satan (Castigo Del Diablo) where they house red wines that have to age for a year and a half before they go to market, came with a ghost story. Apparently, years back two workers on the vineyard tried to steal a barrel of the precious red goo. Though they successfully escaped barrel in hand, they became lost in the surrounding woods, went mad, and were torn apart by wild dogs. The wine in this ancient cellar is said to be protected by the devil, because to steal from Concho y Toro is to befall the wrath of Satan.

We learned how to properly try wine (with the swilling and the smelling etc.) and then were sent on our way.

CIMG1392CIMG1403 CIMG1385 CIMG1393


Barrels O’ Wine; Diablo Guarding His Cask; Fresh White Wine Grapes; Me and The Barrels


4 thoughts on “Concho y Toro

  1. Beautiful photos Caitlin! So glad you’re having a wonderful trip. From your posts so far, it seems as though Chileans live a much less hurried life, which I hope you’re taking advantage of to soak it all in. Look forward to reading more!


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