A Family With a View

I met my family, a lovely woman named Cecilia and her daughter Catalina. The three of us live on the 19th floor of a building that is one block from the center of Santiago. I have a view of the entire city from my bedroom window. They say at night the whole city will light up below me.

Catalina is a 24-year-old nurse that works at La Chile (my university) and Cecilia is a dance instructor. In February she’ll start a salsa class that I can take for 2000 pesos (roughly $4) a class. They are both incredibly friendly and welcoming. No pets, unfortunately, but I think it’s a great match.

CORRECTION! due to a language error I got Cecilia’s profession wrong: she works for a security agency that insures banks etc. She want to TAKE me to a dance class that she attends that will teach me how to dance salsa.

There’s even a large park that is safe to run in on the other side of the building.



There is no speed limit here and lanes do not matter. Driving into oncoming traffic on the wrong side of the road is okay to pass someone as long as you honk repeatedly.

You say hello and goodbye by kissing on the cheek.

Most sentences end with an upward inflection but this does not mean that a question has been asked.

The buildings are beautiful – all different colors and styles.

Do not be worried about the stray dogs playing in traffic; they seldom get hit.

Do not feed the stray dogs or pigeons or you will obtain a possy.

Graffiti is art.


5 thoughts on “A Family With a View

  1. Hi Cait, I am so happy you arrived in Chile in one piece! Your view is gorgeous and your family sounds like a wonderful fit. Looking forward to future posts 🙂 Love you!

  2. Hi Cait, I am so happy you made it to Chile in one piece! Your trip over seemed like quite the adventure in itself. Your view is gorgeous and your family sounds like a wonderful fit! Looking forward to reading more about your experiences, love this blog and you. Keep it coming!!
    Infinite x’s and o’s!!!

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